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History of Gaya History of Gaya
Mythology says that Gaya got its name from the mighty Gayasura who attacked Heaven to avenge the slaying of his father Tripuarasur, the holy demon.

Tourist Attraction of Gaya Tourist Attraction
Gaya, serenely placed on the banks of Falgu River is a major pilgrim center of the Hindus, perhaps it is the most auspicious place to perform the ritual of Pind Dan ....

Weather of Gaya Weather of Gaya
The holy city of Gaya is situated in the eastern parts of India in the state of Bihar. The place enjoys a pleasant climatic conditions with temperature hovering around 38 'C during summer.

Tourist Attraction of Gaya

Gaya, serenely placed on the banks of Falgu River is a major pilgrim center of the Hindus, perhaps it is the most auspicious place to perform the ritual of Pind Dan or Oblation, a holy act in Hindu religious scriptures to ensure peace of the departed souls of twelve generation of their deceased ancestors. Even the followers of Buddhism also visit Gaya as the famous seat of Buddhism, 'Bodh Gaya' is few kms away from Gaya. Apart from having a religious significance, it wins over the tourists for its no-frill appearance, serene setting and a relaxed pace of life.

Vishnupad Temple of Tourist Attraction of GayaVishnupad Temple is one of the major attractions in Gaya. The temple with its 30m high silver plated octagonal peak resting on 8 rows of decorated pillars. is built in Shikhara style of architecture in the year 1787. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it was constructed by Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore. Devotees visit in large numbers to get a glimpse of the footprints of Lord Vishnu.

The temple complex is quite big and houses many images of different Gods and Goddesses. There are many other shrines in and around the temple. Another important temple is of Lord Nrisimha, the god which according to Hindu mythology was a man-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple and statue is intricately carved and designed and is a major tourist attraction at Gaya.

Akshayabat of Tourist Attraction of GayaAkshayabat is a banyan tree located 12kms away from Gaya. Situated in Bodh Gaya, the tree is of immense significance as it was under this tree, Gautam Siddharth meditated to seek eternal truth.

Barabar Caves are the treasures of Bihar. Located 25 kms away from Gaya, these wonderful caves date back to second century BC. These caves were built by Ashoka, the Great for Ajivikas. Loma Rishi cave happens to be the most splendid .

Mahabodhi Temple of Gaya Tourist Attraction of GayaMahabodhi Temple
is located behind the famous Mahabodhi Tree where Sidhartha Gautam had attained enlightenment. It is situated at Bodh Gaya. The temple is a treat for the eyes for its architectural wonder. The temple is 170 feet tall with Chatras symbolic of the freedom of religion. A huge gilded statue of the Buddha is on the ground floor of the temple, 60 ft wide and 180 ft high with its Pyramidal Peak.

Brahmayoni Temple is just one km southwest of the Vishnupada Temple. One has to climb up 424 high stone steps to reach the top of the hill. The temple perched atop a hill offers breathtaking view of the city below. There are two caves Brahmayoni and Matreyoni on the hill and an ancient temple of Astabhujadevi.

Surya Kund of Tourist Attraction of GayaSurya Kund is another tourist attraction. Devotees visit in large numbers as they believe that a holy dip in the pond remits the sin. The temple is situated on the west side of the Vishnupad temple. During Chath Puja, devotees visit in large number to worship the Sun God after taking a dip in the holy Kund.